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We provide assessment and selection solutions for:

Our solutions allow for the measurement of specific competencies such as:

Position-Specific Testing

We utilize time proven, validated psychological measures to identify the skills, personality traits, and abilities that predict superior performance in a number of positions and levels such as:

Assessment helps ensure that the right people end up in the right positions, minimizing chances of making bad hires. Test results are an invaluable source of data to be used in combination with results from interviews and reference checks.


Our team can create a customized assessment solution for any position. We perform detailed job-analyses to determine what dimensions separate top performers from average performers for a specific position in your organization, and customize a solution based on those findings. We can conduct organizational-specific validations of our solutions, allowing for enhanced accuracy and alignment with your organization's unique characteristics and objectives.

Improved Interviews

Structured interviews are a crucial step in improving the quality of people in an organization, and they are relatively easy to build into the hiring process. We can develop competency-based structured interview guides and rating materials specifically for your organization, and train your staff to conduct the interviews. Structured interviews used alone or in conjunction with other assessment methods, have been shown in research to significantly improve the ability to identify top performers.

Training and Development

We develop training and development programs that are tailored to the assessment results of your people. This allows for accurate targeting of the actual strengths and areas for development that were uncovered by the assessment process, rather than just guessing what your team needs to focus on. By using the information obtained by the assessment process, the strengths of your people can be built upon, and remedial actions can be planned for the areas needing improvement.
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